Money For Bail

I’ve never met anybody who had a dream of going to prison. That being said, some people unfortunately find themselves in such a position. If someone you know has been arrested and is currently in custody, he or she may have already been offered bail. This is an amount of money that must be paid … Continue reading Money For Bail

Loan to Start a Business

There are various reasons that someone may want to start a business. You may be tired of working a dead-end job or hate sitting in 3 hours of Los Angeles traffic every day. Maybe you’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever the case may be, you have decided to go the route of self-employment. Alright, … Continue reading Loan to Start a Business

Buying an Engagement Ring? Consider a Car Title Loan

If you’ve decided that she is the one, you are probably going to buy her an engagement ring. Of course, such rings are not cheap and you may need outside financing to get one. Going to a bank to get a loan is one option, but it won’t do you much good if you have … Continue reading Buying an Engagement Ring? Consider a Car Title Loan