Bad Credit Loans for Good People

Good credit is not the same as good morality, and we know for a fact that many of our highly valued customers who receive bad credit loans are outstanding human beings. Indeed, at Car Cash Loans we know that there are all kinds of reasons people find themselves with less than stellar credit ratings and even more reasons why just about anyone might wind up in a sudden financial crunch. That’s why we work hard to provide our customers with the options and the outstanding customer service they want and need.

Most Car Cash Loans customers tend to gravitate towards car title loans. These are loans that are secured by title to an automobile, which means that cars must be fully paid for and the pink slip must be provided. The beauty of these kinds of loans is that owners are allowed to retain full use of their cars, which means they can use it to get to their jobs and take care of family responsibilities while they repay their loans. Another option, which some customers opt for, is a pawn loan. This is a loan where we keep the vehicle in a safe and secure location while the customer pays back the loan. For obvious reasons, this kind of loan is best for second cars or other vehicles that are only used occasionally, such as a motorcycle or recreational vehicle.

Whether you are interested in a pawn loan or one of our car title loans, our friendly and professional customer service team is standing by to answer your questions and begin getting you on the road back to a more stable financial future. Contact us by phone or e-mail today!