Car Title Loans Can Be the Only Way Out of an Emergency

Life is full of surprises, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? That depends. We might enjoy, say, bumping into an old friend from the past or finding an adorable kitten on our doorstep, but unexpected costs are never a fun kind of surprise. Fortunately for those of us living from paycheck to paycheck and without much in the way of credit, car title loans are here to provide a much needed life raft when financial emergency threatens.

Whether you’ve had an unexpected medical or veterinary expense, urgent household repairs, or need money for any of a host of other reasons,  title loans may be the only realistic solution to your current financial scrape. If you’re not familiar with how these types of loans work, they are secured by the value of a car for which you hold the pink slip. For this reason, such factors as having poor credit or no credit don’t prevent you from getting the loan. Just as important, title loans allow you to keep possession of your car while you pay the loan back.

Los Angeles title loans from Car Cash Loans can help you to weather the storm caused by your current financial problem, but they are not the only tool. We also offer pawn loans, which differ from title loans in that we keep the vehicle in a secure location while our customers work to pay the loan back. For obvious reasons, these loans are best in cases where the borrower doesn’t need to use the vehicle on a daily, as with a motorcycle, RV, or a second car.

To find out more about how car title loans and pawn loans can help bail you out of a fiscal emergency, contact us today by phone or e-mail.