Car Title Loans Long Beach

It’s not surprising that car title loans in Long Beach are popular. Long Beach is one of the most beautiful cities in one of America’s most beautiful states, but it’s also a town of great economic diversity where many working people live but where, like the rest of coastal California, rents and mortgages can be enormously high. It’s no wonder that so many people live paycheck to paycheck and when surprise major expenses such as health care costs and emergency home repairs occur, many people find themselves in something of a panic, and it’s much worse if they don’t have access to credit. Fortunately, Car Cash Loans does offer one way of getting people the money they need quickly.

Car title loans are different from other loans because they are not tied to credit, but to the value of a vehicle, usually a car or truck, to which the borrower holds the title (it’s paid for, in other words). Probably the most popular aspect of car title loans is that people who receive them are able to keep their cars as they pay back the loan.  Even for Southern California, Long Beach is a hugely sprawling city that covers a large amount of ground. It’s long had some of the region’s better public transit, but that still only helps a fraction of people who work in specific areas. For most of us, cars or trucks are still a must.

Getting a Car Title Loan

Car Cash Loans is proud of being able to help people obtain these and other types of loans. First, however, you should know what you’ll need to in order to get a car title loan from us. To be specific:

  • Vehicle you want to borrow on.
  • Title to that vehicle in your name.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Government ID.
  • Proof of full insurance coverage
  • Proof of income (ability to repay the loan).
  • Proof of residence.
  • Spare key to the vehicle.

Get Started

If you’ve got all of the above, it’s time to get in touch. Call us at the phone number above or get in touch through our contact page.  If car title loans don’t work for you, ask about our pawn loans.