Car Title Loans Santa Ana

The car title loans Santa Ana residents often need when they don’t have access to credit can be obtained quickly through Car Cash Loans, one of the area’s most popular lenders. If you’re not sure what a car title loan is, it’s really pretty simple. People who have poor credit records or no credit might think they have few options other than borrowing from relatives – and we all know how problematic that can be! Car title loans are available to anyone who owns a paid-for car and is therefore not tied to the borrower’s credit or lack thereof as a result.

Santa Ana is one of Southern California’s most underrated cities, full of creativity and people from a great many cultures, with a real sense of history. However, like the rest of SoCal, its sprawling and public transportation is spotty at best. For most people, cars are close to a must. An important feature of car title loans is that the borrower is allowed to keep a car while paying back the loan. For people who depend on their cars to get them to work and help them take care of family members, the benefits are obvious.

What You Need for a Car Title Loan

Getting a loan from Car Cash Loans can be surprisingly speedy, but there are a few things you will need first. They include:

  • The vehicle you want to borrow on.
  • Title to that vehicle in your name.
  • Proof of full insurance coverage.
  • Government ID.
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence.
  • Spare key to the vehicle.

Get Started

If a car title loan sounds like it fits your situation, or if you have a vehicle you don’t need every day that might make sense as pawn loan (where we keep the car while you pay back the loan), then it’s time to get in touch. Just call us at the phone number above or reach out through our contact page.