Do Car Title Loans Allow Me to Borrow Money Against My Car?

Yes, in most cases if you own the car outright. If you need money quickly and do not qualify for traditional credit or loans, car title loans might be the solution you are looking for. These loans work by allowing you to borrow against the value of your car, using your pink slip title as collateral. This allows our team at Car Cash Loans to move quickly, speeding up the process.

To obtain Los Angeles title loans, you only need to own your vehicle and hold its pink slip title. The lender will hold onto this title as you repay your loan, and it is returned once the loan is completely paid off. Car Cash Loans does not charge a penalty or fee for loans that are paid off early, which is a distinct advantage. This means that the vehicle itself remains in the hands of the borrower to be used as before.

Title loans are often the best strategy, but not for everyone. In some cases, Car Cash Loans offers an alternative in the form of pawn loans. Pawn loans involve us holding onto the vehicle and keeping it in a secure location. This is a good solution for those who have vehicles they don’t need to use on a regular basis, such as motorcycles and RVs.

Call Car Cash Loans for a quick discussion of your eligibility for a title loan. Otherwise, leave your name and phone number in the online form, and we will contact you! Do not bear your financial burdens alone when help is at your fingertips.