Get Pawn Loans Your Boat and Swim Away in Cash

When you need money in a hurry, Car Cash Loans is here for you. We can get you cash, fast, on your car title or through a pawn loan. If you don’t qualify for a car title loan, or you have a second vehicle that you do not use very often, we can still get you the money you need through our pawn loans. Vehicles like classic cars, airplanes, boats, and RVs can all qualify for a pawn loan, as long as you are the sole owner and have the keys!

Whether your boat is a jet ski, speedboat, or yacht, we can get a pawn loan set up for you. All you have to do to start the process is give us a call. We will gather photos of the inside and outside of the boat to ensure it is in good condition. Once an assessor has figured out how much your boat is worth, we will set you up with a pawn loan for that amount. We will keep your boat at one of our two secure docks while you pay back the loan – or, you can choose to keep the cash and not pay back the loan, and we will keep your vehicle. It is that simple.

Pawn Loans for Boats

Car Cash Loans can get you the emergency cash you need without too many questions or requirements. If you are in Southern California, and have a vehicle like a boat that you do not use very often, that is great collateral for one of our Los Angeles pawn loans. Just call us to get started.