Los Angeles Title Loans vs. Auto Pawn

It’s possible to live well when you have poor credit. However, if something unexpected happens, like getting laid off work or suddenly needing an expensive home repair, your bad credit could stand in the way of solving the situation. Luckily, Los Angeles title loans don’t involve a credit check! You can borrow thousands of dollars at a moment’s notice without worrying about the state of your credit.

Getting Los Angeles Title Loans

At Car Cash Loans, we offer two borrowing solutions for people with bad or nonexistent credit. The first is a title loan. Title loans require the title to a car, truck or van you own as collateral. The title must be in your name and the vehicle itself must be fully paid off to qualify.

These loans are great for people who meet the requirements and who need to keep their vehicle for daily use, as you only need to surrender the title to secure the loan.

Getting an Auto Pawn Loan

If car title loans won’t work for you because your vehicle is too old or you don’t have a verifiable income stream, you should consider pawning your vehicle. When you pawn your car with us, we’ll store it safely for the duration of your loan. Choose this option only if you don’t need this particular vehicle for daily use.

Which Works for You?

Both loan options will provide you with quick access to a cash loan. The title loan is good for someone who owns a newer vehicle and has income. The pawn loan is good if you can’t verify your income or your vehicle won’t work for a title loan.

Give us a call today to discuss your personal needs.