Title Loans for People Who Need Them

One of the most frequent truisms one hears about obtaining loans is that most of them are really designed for people who don’t actually need money. After all, a person with outstanding credit and with plenty of collateral is also very often someone with a good job and no shortage of assets. Title loans from Car Cash Loans, on the other hand, are loans that are secured by the value of a car or a similar vehicle, and which are typically available even to individuals with poor credit or no credit at all, and no additional assets are needed in order to obtain them.

The real beauty of auto title loans, however, is that the borrower is allowed to hold on to the vehicle and use it to get back and forth to work and otherwise carry on with their daily life. Especially here in Southern California, where cars border on being a bare necessity of daily life, this obviously makes an enormous difference to most of the people who turn to Car Cash Loans for financial help.

At the same time, however, we are also happy to offer alternatives to car title loans in cases when another route may make more sense. Customers with second vehicles they don’t need to use on a daily basis— a motorcycle, RV, or a second car for example – may often take advantage of a pawn loan. These are similar to other loans, in that they are secured by the value of the vehicle, but in these cases the collateral is kept in a safe location until loans are paid.

Regardless of the type of loan, Car Cash Loans is proud to say that we never charge additional fees for early repayment. We want our customers to do better and regain their financial footing. After all, when a loan is successfully repaid, everyone wins.