Title Loans: How They Work and Why You Should Get One from Us

It’s possible that you never thought title loans were for you because you believed that you were on an excellent footing financially. But all of a sudden, an unexpected expense such as a medical emergency, a bill that suddenly became due, emergency home repairs, or an impromptu out-of-state gathering that required immediate funds for a plane ticket came up. What can you do in this situation if have poor credit or no credit history at all. That’s were Car Cash Loans comes in.

Since you live in the Los Angeles area, you probably have a car. If you own the car free and clear and you find yourself in need of immediate funds, you can come to Car Cash Loans for car title loans. When you receive this type of loan, we hold onto your title while you keep your vehicle. When you pay off the loan, we will give you back the title.

What if you’re able to pay off the loan early? We think that’s awesome! Other title loan companies will charge vehicle owners an early payment penalty. We don’t do this to our customers. If you work hard to pay off your Los Angeles title loans ahead of schedule, we will applaud your efforts to repay your obligation without penalizing you. Here at Car Cash Loans, we treat every one of our customers with the utmost respect from the second we make our first contact. Our friendly, customer service oriented staff is here to make things as easy for you as possible.