Title Loans or a Pawn Loan?

Title loans come in handy if you’re running short on cash and need more to cover unexpected healthcare costs, emergency household repairs, or even surprise veterinary bills. As long as your car has a clear title and meets the requirements, you can usually get a title loan, even if you have limited credit or poor credit. Even if a title loan isn’t quite the best fit for you, at Car Cash Loans we still have other options, like car pawn loans, to get you the cash you need.

What’s the difference between car title loans and pawn loans? A car pawn loan is an option if you have a vehicle sitting around that you don’t use, and you want to simplify the loan process. All you need to pawn your car are the keys, title, registration, and insurance. We’ll also need to see your government issued ID. We’ll give you the best possible loan we can arrange in as little as an hour.

Managing and paying back a pawn loan is simple. We’ll give you a set amount of time to pay off your loan and get your car back. We don’t charge fees or penalties if you want to pay off your loan early. You can also extend your pawn loan if you need more time to pay. If you don’t need the vehicle, we’ll keep it and you’ll have no further obligation.

Car Cash Loans has expertise in providing all types of Los Angeles title loans. We make loans on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and minivans. Call us now, or chat with us online, to find out what type of loan is right for your situation and get cash in your hands today.