Classic Car Pawn Loans

You need money right now, but you don’t know where to look. Car Cash Loans can help you. If you’ve never heard of a car title loan or a classic car pawn loan, we can inform you of the details and get you cash, sometimes in less than an hour. Even if you don’t qualify for a car title loan, Car Cash Loans still offers classic car pawn loans to help you get the money you need right now. RV campers, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, and classic cars are all accepted by Car Cash Loans – just give us a call and we will get the process started.

When you outright own a vehicle, a classic car pawn loan is very simple. We will assess the value of your second car, sports car, or classic car, and give you cash based on the value of that asset. After a four-month period, you can decide whether or not you even want to repay the loan. If you do, we will return your vehicle to you in the same condition you gave it to us, but if you don’t want to repay the loan, we will simply keep the vehicle and you can keep the money without worry. We will keep your vehicle in a clean, secure location to guarantee its safety while you decide whether or not to repay the pawn loan. We will also give you a 10-day grace period after a reminder phone call, so you can decide how you wish to proceed.

You can also rewrite your pawn loan after four months just by paying the interest. There is no hassle when you get a loan with Car Cash Loans, so contact us for one of our Los Angeles pawn loans today.