Your Title Loans Lending Leader

It’s possible you’ve never expected to need have to read up on title loans. You might not even know what they are. After all, if you have bad credit, you know there isn’t a security net to catch you if you make a mistake. But life isn’t always predictable. No matter how careful you are, the air conditioning could break down during the height of summer, or you could lose your job, or you could have an unexpected medical bill. Where do you turn when the banks say no? We have the answer: you turn to car title loans.

These loans are formulated specifically for people struggling with damaged credit. Instead of using your credit history to determine your creditworthiness, we ask for the title to a car you own as collateral.

Two Borrowing Options

At Car Cash Loans, we have two ways you can use your title to borrow money.

  1. Title Loans. With these loans, you bring us the title to your car. We’ll file for a temporary lien on the title and place it in safekeeping while you make your payments. Once you pay your loan off, we’ll remove the lien and give you your title back. Best of all, we don’t keep your car. You can continue using it while you pay your loan back. To qualify for Los Angeles title loans, you must own a vehicle outright with no payments left, the title must be in your name and you must be able to show income.
  2. Auto Pawn Loans. Pawning your car is a good option if you don’t meet the qualifications of the first loan. The biggest difference is that you have to leave your vehicle with us. We’ll store it safely for the duration of you loan and return it to you when you pay it off. Only use a vehicle you can afford to not have on a daily basis.

Whichever option works best for you, remember that Car Cash Loans is here to help!