Interest Rates

At Car Cash Loans, we aim to offer competitive and manageable car title loan interest rates in California. We keep our car title loan rates as low as possible to keep your costs (and stress) down. And if you come across a lower title loan interest rate, let us know and we’ll see what we can negotiate.

The specifics of our loan process are flexible and tailored to your needs. That’s why we have agents on hand to answer any questions you have about car title lending, interest rates and payment schedules. Call our expert staff at 800-614-5694 for help.

We work to keep your monthly payments at their lowest and your interest manageable. The faster you pay back your loan, the less it costs you, although there are flexible options that allow you to take up to five years to pay your loan back.

When considering a car title loan, interest rates are one of your primary concerns. We get that and at Car Cash Loans, we consider offering competitive car title loan interest rates in California a matter of good customer service. Our high reputation for car title lending is built on offering top-quality customer service (with no hassle), high value for vehicles and, of course, our car title loan interest rates.

Paying interest is a basic requirement of any loan, but when you need cash fast, competitive interest on an auto title loan is a simple cost for immediate relief and peace of mind. Call us at 800-614-5694 to find out what your loan value and interest with Car Cash Loans will be.