Easy Loan in California

Have you ever applied for a bank loan? If so, you probably had to fill out a load of paperwork. You would have gone through a credit check and had to deal with the awkwardness of credit problems if they came up. Then, you may have waited for what seemed like an eternity for the loan to be processed. Finally, if you met all of the bank’s requirements, you would have received a check in the mail a few days later.

Does the above sound like something you want to go through just to borrow someone else’s money? After all, it’s not a gift – it’s a loan, meaning that you are going to pay it back. Also, how many people have the time to complete all of those steps these days?

Luckily, you don’t have to wait so long to get a loan. You can have a loan in around an hour by getting a car title loan. In other words, while bank workers are still pushing papers and telling you that you’ll have to wait a few days or even weeks for a decision, you could be in and out with a loan from a car title lender.

How does it work?

How a Car Title Loan Works

Some car title lenders do not run credit checks. This is beneficial to you because it requires less time and credit problems won’t hurt your chances of securing a loan. Car Cash Loans will never run a credit check, so you’ll avoid that potential problem.

Car title lenders also tend to require less paperwork to be completed than banks do. Let’s face it – filling out paperwork is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Also, it can be very time consuming and lead to additional work if something is missed or filled out incorrectly. Thankfully, car title lenders often require less than the big boys do, meaning that you’ll save time and have less overall frustration.

Why Are Car Title Loans Easier To Obtain?

Car title loans are often easier to obtain than bank loans because they are secured loans. To obtain a car title loan, you must own a vehicle. Your vehicle will act as collateral for the loan, meaning that the lender can use it to cover the loan if you do not repay it. Thus, it doesn’t have to hassle you like the banks do.

Note that only the title is usually required, not the vehicle itself. This means that you can get a car title loan and drive off with your vehicle.

So, you could take your vehicle’s title to Car Cash Loans, meet a few other minimal requirements and be out with the money you need in around an hour. Doesn’t that sound much easier than getting a bank loan?

Will My Vehicle Be Repossessed?

If you pay your loan back on time, the lender will have no right to repossess your vehicle. Even if you have issues making payments, you can often work out an agreement to extend the loan, which will allow you to keep your vehicle.

Repossessions only occur 4 to 8 percent on the time on car title loans. This means that you have a 92 to 96 percent chance of keeping your vehicle.

Basically, the chances of a repossession are very slim.


Car title loans are typically much easier to obtain than bank loans. About an hour is all of the time that is required. So, why not give it a shot?