Facing an Eviction in California? Consider a Car Title Loan

Eviction is not a fun process. If it goes through, you will not have a roof over your head. Well, you could try to secure a temporary living arrangement with a friend or relative, but that is a very awkward request and is not guaranteed to work out.

If you face this situation, you are not alone. According to studies conducted in 2007, California holds approximately 30 percent of the total US homeless population. The amount stands at 131,000 people living on the streets of California.

An eviction may not be entirely your fault. You may have suffered a reduction in income based on reasons beyond your control or the cost of living may be squeezing you out of your current home. Whatever the case may be, finding quick cash could mean the difference between sleeping in your home or on the streets.

A Car Title Loan Can Help

If you own a vehicle, one option that you have is to sell it for some cash. However, this will likely worsen the problem in the long term, as your ability to get to work will be diminished.

Instead, you can take out a car title loan. If you own your vehicle (with no remaining payments) and can meet minimal income requirements, you stand a good chance at securing a car title loan. In fact, at Car Cash Loans, you won’t even have to go through a credit check!

How Quickly Can I Get a Loan?

If you anticipate an eviction notice, the situation has probably grown very serious. Time is not a luxury that you can afford if you are about to be removed from your dwelling.

Luckily, you can often obtain a car title loan on the day that you apply for it. In fact, at Car Cash Loans, you’ll typically be in and out in around an hour. This includes the entire process of applying for a loan and driving off with cash.

With cash in hand, you can quickly pay off your outstanding rent or mortgage payment. Then, you’ll stave off eviction for a while, possibly permanently, allowing you to keep a roof over your head.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

With any loan, you’ll face risks. However, by paying it according to the agreed-upon schedule, you’ll eliminate any associated risks.

Just consider the risks of taking out a car title loan versus an eviction. The worst-case scenario with a car title loan involves repossession of your vehicle. That happens 4 to 8 percent of the time. The worst-case scenario with an eviction involves you living on the streets. Which sounds riskier to you?

Should I Take Out a Car Title Loan?

If you’ve exhausted your financial resources, taking out a car title loan is an easy decision. Sure, taking out an urgent loan is not an ideal situation, but it can prevent you from becoming homeless. Then, you can pay back your loan over several months or even years, allowing for a much comfortable financial situation than you are currently in.


If you are facing an eviction in the near future, the stress can be overwhelming. Taking out a car title loan will help prevent an eviction and give you time to get back on your feet.