Flying on Short Notice? An Auto Pawn Loan Can Help

Air travel is expensive these days. Even if you book a flight months in advance, you could end up shelling out quite a few hundred dollars to get from point A to point B. If you have to book at the last minute for an emergency flight, then you could end up paying an arm and a leg.

Having to book a flight on short notice is rarely a fun situation. Whether you must go to a job interview out of town, a funeral or to visit a sick relative, you’ll likely end up paying much higher prices than most travelers pay. You may not have the money to do so, leaving you feeling stranded.

If you need money for a flight, an auto pawn loan can help. Let’s examine the basics of an auto or car pawn loan and how one could work for you.

What is an Auto Pawn Loan?

Have you ever visited a pawn shop? If so, you probably brought an item with you and received a loan for it. Then, after paying it back, the shop should have returned your item.

This is similar to how an auto title pawn loan works. You can take your vehicle to a car title loan company lender. The lender may then offer you a loan based on it’s value.

The car title loan company will hold the vehicle temporarily until you repay your loan. However, as car pawn loans are typically for relatively small amounts, you may be able to pay it off quickly and get your vehicle back.

How an Auto Pawn Loan Could Work For You

Suppose that you’ve just learned that an elderly relative is very ill. You, living in California, want to get to Miami to see her as soon as possible.

Based on a quick check on, you’d have to pay at least $638 for a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Miami if you’d like to fly out on the next day. You could try to get a bank loan, but those often take days or even weeks to obtain. You’ll also have to go through a credit check, which could delay or even disqualify you from getting a bank loan.

Instead, you could drive your vehicle to a car title loan company. The lender may then give you a cash loan on the spot. In fact, Car Cash Loans could have you in and out with an auto equity loan in as little as 15 minutes. You may even have a friend drive with you so that you can head straight to the airport and pay cash for a ticket!

After you return from your trip, perhaps after a paycheck comes in or some other form of money arrives, you could quickly pay your auto pawn loan off. Then, you’d get your vehicle back and go back to business as usual. For an emergency situation, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


The reason for your short-notice flight may be out of your control. However, dealing with this situation doesn’t have to be.

You can get the money you need quickly with an auto pawn loan from Car Cash Loans. Then, you can get to your destination and deal with your loan conveniently on the back end. Why not give it a shot?