Loan For Quarterly Taxes

Most business owners must pay quarterly taxes. These are tax payments that are paid 4 times per year in lieu of having taxes withheld on each paycheck, as you may have experienced as an employee at some point in your life. If you have owned a business for a significant length of time, you are probably already aware of this.

Quarterly taxes can come in the form of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If business is going good, you probably have enough cash to easily make these payments. However, if your business has hit a rough patch or you simply forgot to set money aside for your tax payments, you’ll have to come up with the money through some other means. Otherwise, the IRS could quickly become an unwelcome guest in your life.

How can you get the money you need to pay your quarterly taxes and avoid having Uncle Sam invite himself to your place of business?

Consider a Car Title Loan

Do you own a vehicle? If so, the answer to your tax problems could be minutes away.

Your vehicle may be used to obtain a car title loan. You may have also heard such loans referred to as pink slip loans, u-drive loans or title loans.

A car title loan is a loan that is based on the value of your vehicle. How can you get a car title loan? How long does it take? Should you get a car title loan? Let’s take a closer look at car title loans.

How Can I Get a Car Title Loan?

At Car Cash Loans, you can get a loan of up to 50 percent of your vehicle’s value by showing a few items that you likely already have handy. These include the following:

  •  Vehicle (you probably have that if you are considering a car title loan!)
  • Certificate of title
  • Photo ID (driver license, etc.)
  • Keys
  • Proof of insurance (full coverage)

As you probably carry all of these items with you while driving, you could be well on your way to getting a car title loan by just hopping in your vehicle and taking a trip to Car Cash Loans in Los Angeles.

Note that there is a minimal income verification process and that your vehicle must be worth at least $5,000. There is no credit check, so any credit issues that you have won’t be of concern when you take a trip to Car Cash Loans.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Car Title Loan?

You’re probably thinking of the traditional loan process in which you meet with a banker, plead your case for a loan, wait a few days or weeks for a decision and finally get some money, if you are approved at all. This is usually not the case with a car title loan.

A car title loan can often be obtained very quickly. In fact, at Car Cash Loans, the entire process typically takes around an hour. So, if you are interested in keeping Uncle Sam at bay and would like to pay your quarterly taxes quickly, this is definitely a strong option to consider.

Should I Get a Car Title Loan?

Whether or not you get a car title loan is a personal financial decision. It is rarely a good idea to allow the tax man into your life any more than he already is.

A car title loan could solve your tax payment needs if you have no or poor credit, don’t have the time to deal with a traditional lender’s requirements or if you’d just rather avoid the traditional lending process in general. Sure, nobody wants to get behind on their finances, but it happens. A car title loan could offer the money you need quickly to avoid further tax issues.