Boat Pawn Loans

Money Today from Car Cash Loans Boat Pawn Loans

You need an injection of cash – fast – and the boat you own is an asset you can borrow against. If you’re considering a title loan on a boat or yacht, here’s why a boat loan from Car Cash Loans is a strong choice to get you money today:
Get more for a pawn:
Because we keep your boat as collateral, Car Cash Loans can typically offer you more money for a boat pawn loan than you’ll get offered from other lenders for a boat title loan or yacht title loan. If you don’t plan to use your boat soon anyway, this is a good tradeoff. And it is fast and simple.

Our boat pawn loans are fast:
If you’re facing the clock and need a loan as soon as possible, the Car Cash Loans pawn process is quick and streamlined. We’ve been a boat loan provider for years and know how to guide customers through our requirements simply, starting as soon as you call. You can get your cash within an hour or two.

Car Cash pawn loans are flexible:
You choose whether you want to make payments during the loan term, or just one payment at the end of the four-month pawn term. It’s up to you, so you don’t need to make any payments for four months if you don’t want to. And, there is no personal liability, so if you decide you don’t want to repay the money, you keep the cash, and we keep the boat.

Our boat pawns can be rewritten or extended:
The loan period for a pawn can be extended, through the rewrite process. If you can’t repay the pawn loan during the four-month period, rewrite the loan to extend it another four months by paying off the interest and charges. Rewriting a pawn loan gives you the flexibility to repay the loan that other lenders can’t offer.

How Do Boat Pawn Loans Work?

We offer pawn loans on almost all types of boats with an engine, including speed boats and yachts. To borrow cash for a yacht title or other boat you own, the process starts with a phone call.

We’ll get some basic info from you about your boat, like the make, model, year and condition, and ask you to send us photos of the interior and exterior of the boat. Based on that info, we’ll assess the value of a boat in that condition and offer you an amount for a pawn loan.

Bring your boat and dolly to our Los Angeles location to pawn your boat with us.

The final loan value will be based on the condition of your boat at the boat pawn shop location. The dolly can also be pawned at that time. When you provide us with proof of ID, the boat, boat title, key and DMV registration, we’ll give you a check. It’s that easy, and it’s that simple. Get your cash in minutes with an instant loan!

How to Pawn Your Boat with Car Cash Loans

Check out the Web page that outlines the general pawn loan process:

  • You must own the boat outright and bring the title with you to the Car Cash Loans office in Los Angeles to get cash for your yacht title or boat title.
  • Minimum pawn amount is $2,600.
  • You must show proof of ID (government issued).

To borrow cash for your boat quickly with a pawn loan, contact us now at (800) 614-5694.