What Do You Need to Pawn Your Car?

Getting good cash can be difficult, and getting cash quickly can be just as hard. Getting both would be downright impossible if vehicle pawn loans weren’t available.

Luckily, a car has enough value to pawn for most emergency money needs.

Car pawn loans are a great way to get a fast influx of cash without permanently giving up your vehicle, and it is a relatively simple process. There are just a few things you’ll have to provide:

  1. Vehicle you want to pawn.

As long as you have ownership of the vehicle and the vehicle is in your possession, you will be able to pawn your car to get cash, and quick!

The amount of your loan is up to your vehicle’s market value, which we can determine for you.

  1. Title to the vehicle in your name only.

You’ll need the pink slip or title to prove ownership of the vehicle. The title should be lien-free and in your name.

You must be the legal owner. This means the car truck or motorcycle needs to be paid off. If a family member owns it, have them come in with you so we can get the process underway.

If there are any issues with ownership, the California DMV is available to help out. Contact your local branch to straighten out any issues.

  1. Government-issued ID. Driver’s license is best.

A driver’s license shows who you are and that you are legally allowed to drive. It’s probably the best option when pawning a car. It’s important that the ID is government issued – this is absolutely necessary.

  1. Proof of insurance.

Proof of insurance is another way to identify full ownership of the car. However, you’ll have to provide this in conjunction with the rest of the items – it won’t substitute for government-issued ID. This proof helps the shop provide a full pawn loan and get you set with cash in under an hour!

  1. Key to the vehicle.

The key to the vehicle is the final thing to bring in.

The goal of a pawn loan is to get the money you need quickly. It’s a good option if you aren’t able to qualify for bank loans, car loans, or if money coming in is just too slow.

If you’re thinking of a pawn loan, talk to us at one of our many locations across Southern California!

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