Why Car Title Loans are Better Than The Alternatives

Car title loans are an excellent way to get quick money when you need it. From the time you walk in to the time you have your cash is generally around an hour. That’s faster than any type of loan that I know of.

However, before you take a car title loan, you may consider other options. Let’s explore some of them and why title loans are better.

Borrowing From Friends

So, you’re nervous about taking out a loan. Why not just borrow from a friend?

Requesting money from a friend can change the whole relationship. If he says yes, then he is counting on you to pay him back – meaning that your friendship is going to suffer if you don’t. If he says no, then you may end up questioning his loyalty to you. In either case, you’ll run the risk of damaging or ruining your friendship.

Also, let’s say that you need $1,000 to pay off an urgent bill. How many friends to you know these days that have that kind of money just laying around?

Borrowing from an Employer

Some employers offer loans to their employees during rough times. However, a majority of them do not. In fact, I’ve never worked for 1 that does.

If your employer does offer loans, think carefully before you go this route. What will happen to your career prospects at your company if you fail to pay them back? Will they ever trust you again?

Borrowing From a Bank

Alright, you can just use the traditional method. You’ll walk into a bank and then walk out with cash, right?  Not exactly.

A bank will not lend to you if you have a low credit score. Thus, you may be disqualified right off the bat.

If you do qualify for a bank loan, they’ll require that you fill out a lot of paperwork. The loan approval process can take days or weeks, meaning that you’ll have to wait patiently as the process moves along.

Thus, if you have poor credit or cannot afford to wait long for a loan, a bank will not be a good lender for you.

Why Car Title Loans are Better Than The Rest

Bank loans can be a good for those with good credit who don’t need cash quickly. However, for those who need it quickly and those with poor (or no) credit, car title loans are a better bet. Car title loans are better than borrowing from friends or employers across the board, as well.

With a car title loan, you won’t jeopardize your friendship with anyone. It will be purely a business deal.

Also, you won’t run the risk of ruining your reputation with your employer. You may need a lot more loans in the future if you do

If you have poor or no credit, a car title lender will still lend to you. In fact, at Car Cash Loans, you won’t go through a credit check at all. Whether you are the king of credit or have the worst score in the world, you’ll get a loan. If you have a car title to prove that you own a vehicle and some reasonable ability to make the monthly payments, then you’ll walk out with cash.

Not only will you get a loan without a credit check and with a minimal income verification in most cases, you‘ll also get the loan quickly. In some cases, you’ll be in and out in much less than an hour 15 minutes. You’ll get the money that you need quickly without the hassle of endless paperwork and a snooty banker. Try doing that at a bank!