Pawn Loans

Auto Pawn Loans: Your Vehicle for Cash

With pawn loans you can get an emergency loan now. If you (or your car) don’t qualify for a title loan and/or you have a vehicle you don’t use day-to-day, these vehicle pawn loans give you the money you need, right now.

If you’re looking to auto pawn your vehicle,  we take everything from classic cars to watercrafts, and more. Get cash fast with our truck and car pawn programs. If it’s got a motor and a title, you can most likely pawn it at Car Cash Loans.

Who’s a Good Fit for Vehicle Pawn Shop Loans?

A pawn loan might be your best bet for quick cash in several scenarios:

  • If you don’t have proof of income or your vehicle doesn’t qualify for a title loan with us.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t meet our minimum value requirements for a loan.
  • If you have a vehicle that isn’t used regularly, like RVs and boats, because we keep the vehicle during the lifetime of the pawn.

How Much Can I Get from a Car Pawn Loan?

The amount you can get for a car pawn loan depends on the value of your vehicle. We use a standard vehicle value calculator to establish the price of your car. The car pawn loan we offer you is based on that value.
We work hard to get you what you need, because we understand what you’re going through. It’s easy to get a car title loan approved at our car pawn shop. Just leave it up to our reps to help you get the most value we can for your vehicle loan.

What’s Required to Pawn My Vehicle?

Vehicles must be paid off in full and you must own it in order to qualify for our vehicle pawn loans. To get your cash, bring these 5 things to a Car Cash Loans location in Los Angeles:

1. Vehicle you want to pawn.
2. Title to the vehicle in your name only.
3. Registration.
4. Government-issued ID.
5. Proof of insurance.
6. Key to the vehicle.

If you have all of the above, you can usually get cash from our pawn shop loans in under an hour.

When you need money fast, pawn loans and title loans give you the cash today. Let us help you get through this hard time without worry – just pay us back later.

Call us now to find out how much you can get for your vehicle at (800) 614-5694, or fill out the form on this page and Car Cash Loans will contact you!